Clinical Research

AAM Research Mission

Anaesthesia Associates of Massachusetts (AAM) is dedicated to improving perioperative patient outcomes through high quality, efficient, and professional clinical research in the areas of anesthesia, critical care medicine and pain management in the medical center setting, as well as alternative settings such as ambulatory surgical centers, physician offices and hospital clinics. The scope of clinical research trials include industry sponsored biomedical device trials, phase II-IV drug trials and investigator initiated clinical trials relating to scientific and clinical questions relevant to the practice of anesthesiology

AAM Resources

AAM is one of the largest combined academic and private practices, and since its inception has been affiliated with academic teaching centers with strong research orientations. As AAM has evolved and expanded, clinical research remains a critical component of its mission. As one of the largest private anesthesia practices in the United States, AAM offers a unique breadth of venues and volume of cases that make it an especially attractive partner for clinical trials.

AAM’s facilities include several nationally prominent institutions recognized for their high
quality medical care and state of the art facilities included among the Boston University, Tufts,
and Harvard affiliated institutions are:

  • Boston Medical Center (BMC), the primary teaching hospital for Boston University School of Medicine, receives $334 million in NIH research funding each year. A BMC core attribute is its Emergency Department with over 120,000 visits per year -- the busiest Level 1 Trauma Center in New England.
  • New England Baptist Hospital., a perennial nominee among US News & World Reports’ top orthopedic hospitals in the United States and recognized by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) as one of the top 10 hospitals nationally for knee and hip orthopedics.
  • Mount Auburn Hospital, a Harvard affiliate, provides services in all medical specialties including Cardiac and Obstetrics. Centers of excellence are being developed in women’s services, heart care, and cancer care

AAM has MD, MD/PhD staff and clinical research nurses to support research activities. AAM has the resources to conduct clinical trials according to the Code of Federal Regulations and International Conference of Harmonisation (ICH)/Good Clinical Practice (GCP). Moreover, AAM’s physicians have access to the most sophisticated instrumentation to support testing requirements of the most demanding trials.

AAM’s oversight of the Boston University Medical Center’s Anesthesia Residency Training and Fellowship programs with the concomitant research emphasis reinforce the organization’s mission and capabilities in clinical research

Clinical Trial Experience
AAM physicians have spearheaded clinical trials focused in the prevention of postoperative nausea and vomiting, pain management, biphasic defibrillation, level of consciousness monitoring, intra operative organ protection, hemodynamic monitoring, cardiovascular risk and outcome studies, and neuromuscular blocking agents

AAM Advantage
AAM possesses the key components for successfully partnering with sponsors in clinical trails:

  • High volume sites of service across all ranges of anesthesia and pain management with approximately 90,000 anesthetics and 20,000 pain procedures per year.
  • Broad spectrum of sites of services with specialty areas to include
    • Ambulatory Care Settings (including IVF)
    • Academic hospitals
    • Community hospitals
    • High volume cardiac care
    • High volume obstetric care
    • High volume trauma
    • Pain Centers
  • Depth of research experience among physicians
  • Experienced clinical research support staff
  • Commitment

For more information on AAM’s specialized research capabilities, please contact:
Dan Reale
[email protected]